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Powerful Quotes on Prayer

July 20, 2013

For the last month and a half or so I’ve been digging deep into the topic of prayer and the Christian life. Below are some of my favorite quotes from the books, sermons, and other things I went through during my studies.


  • “Prayer is one of the greatest opportunities, one of the greatest privileges and one of the greatest ministries available to all Christians. I do not read that Jesus ever actually taught His disciples how to preach, but He did teach them how to pray.”
  • “The Bible reveals that this world is not really ruled by presidents and governors and dictators. They only seem to rule. The people who really rule the world are those who know how to pray.”
  • “There are some things that I have been praying for ten years. They have not come yet. When that happens, you discover whether you are praying in faith or unbelief. If you are praying in unbelief, you probably say, ‘I have been praying for ten years and nothing has happened.’ But if you are praying in faith you say, ‘The answer is ten years nearer than when I started praying.'”
– Derek Prince – Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

  • It is only by intercession that that power can be brought down from Heaven which will enable the Church to conquer the world. Let us stir up the slumbering gift that is lying unused, and seek to gather and train and band together as many as we can, to be God’s remembrancers, and to give Him no rest till He makes His Church a joy in the earth. Nothing but intense believing prayer can meet the intense spirit of worldliness, of which complaint is everywhere made.”
  • “The attempt to pray constantly for ourselves must be a failure; it is in intercession for others that our faith and love and perseverance will be aroused, and that power of the Spirit be found which can fit us for saving men.”
  • “Blessed the man who is not staggered by God’s delay, or silence, or apparent refusal, but is strong in faith, giving glory to God. Such faith perseveres, importunately, if need be, and cannot fail to inherit the blessing.”
  • “Time spent in prayer will yield more than that given to work. Prayer alone gives work its worth and its success. Prayer opens the way for God Himself to do His work in us and through us.”
  • “Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach, only how to pray. He did not speak much of what was needed to preach well, but much of praying well. To know how to speak to God is more than knowing how to speak to man. Not power with men, but power with God is the first thing. Jesus loves to teach us how to pray.”
  • “The knowledge of God’s Father-love is the first and simplest, but also the last and highest lesson in the school of prayer.”
– Andrew Murray – The Ministry of Intercession and Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  • “God has appointed a way by which we shall seek and obtain mercy and grace. That way is prayer; bold, confident, outspoken approach to the throne of grace, the most holy place of God’s presence, where our sympathizing High Priest, Jesus Christ, has entered in our behalf.”
  • “Some of us let the hurry of our lives crowd prayer out, and what a waste of time and energy and nerve force there is by the constant worry! One night of prayer will save us from the many nights of insomnia. Time spent in prayer is not wasted but time invested at big interest.”
  • “If we put so little heart into our prayers, we cannot expect God to put much heart into answering them.”
  • “The prayer that God answers is the prayer that is real, the prayer that asks for something that is sincerely desired.”
  • “It is vain to expect power in prayer unless we meditate much upon the words of Christ and let them sink deep and find a permanent abode in our hearts. There are many who wonder why they are so powerless in prayer, but the very simple explanation of it all is found in their neglect of the words of Christ.”
  • “One great question for us to decide, if we would have power in prayer, is, Is God absolutely first? Is He before wife, before children, before reputation, before business, before our own lives? If not, prevailing prayer is impossible.”
  • “The Devil is perfectly willing that the church should multiply its organizations and deftly contrive machinery for the conquest of the world for Christ if it will only give up praying.”
– R.A. Torrey – How To Pray

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