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January 30, 2011

Whew. It’s been a crazy weekend, full of many late nights, much driving, and inspiring meetings. All of it, from spending a few days with the Verge Ministries teams in Brainerd to a meeting I just got done with back in Fargo, have led me to the conclusion that our Lord is preparing to do big things in the coming days. Let me give you just a few reasons why;

  • Over the last 6 months, the Lord has connected me with an amazing group of people to form the core team of a ministry here in the Fargo-Moorhead area, in the strangest of ways. Stuff like someone overhearing a conversation I was having before my art history class and being interested, a friend who’s been in the area for a year or two having some critical connections, a pastoral intern at a local church who happens to have a passion for what we are doing, and much more.
  • Being providentially drawn into a church whose vision just happens to be almost exactly the same as our ministry’s vision for the city. Exactly the same – so much so that as I sat with the pastor and heard him lay out his vision I had to laugh and say, “Hey! You stole our idea!”
  • Finding a job that is relaxed enough that I am able to spend the majority of my time planning and brainstorming for God’s work in the city.
  • Answers to prayers for people who want nothing to do with the Lord. For instance, a week or so ago I had one of the least likely guys come and sit down and actually ask me about Christianity. He’s now starting to read through the Bible and there are plans in the works for us to get together and talk about what is in there.
  • Meeting and connecting with the guys at One Voice Worship, who have a very similar passion for the FM area that works out in the form of a monthly worship night, a thing which will provide a great place for our ministry to come together with the arger body of Christ, as well as a place to serve.
  • A hugely powerful weekend spent with a couple of the other Verge Ministries teams, praying, worshiping, studying, and planning.
  • A growing number of potential partnerships and connections with fellow believers, churches, and ministries around the area.
  • Conversations and meetings left and right with people whose hearts resonate with our goal of eradicating vague, apathetic Christianity and replacing it with a joy in Christ for the world.
  • Crazy strides forward in my own spiritual walk, and an even deeper insight into the scriptures despite less time available to dwell in them.
  • Providential provision of time to simply rest with the Lord and dwell in his Word despite an ever-more chaotic schedule.

I could go on for pages, but that’s enough for you to get a grasp. And that’s just in my own life, saying nothing about what I’ve head from other people in the Verge Ministries teams, speakers who are traveling the globe, pastors, parents, students, and others. God is doing something big in this generation. While the rest of the world seems to be spiraling down into ever-increasing depravity and darkness, those who are in Christ are brightening to light their surroundings. The Lord is working, and there is much work for his people to do. We want to see tens of thousands of people gathering to praise the God of grace, laying their lives down, taking up their crosses, and making disciples as they walk through this world. We want God to come down and awaken a slumbering world. We’re praying for big things, and our hearts echo Isaiah’s plea in Isaiah 64 where he cries;

Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down,
that the mountains might quake at your presence—
as when fire kindles brushwood
and the fire causes water to boil—
to make your name known to your adversaries,
and that the nations might tremble at your presence!
When you did awesome things that we did not look for,
you came down, the mountains quaked at your presence.
From of old no one has heard
or perceived by the ear,
no eye has seen a God besides you,
who acts for those who wait for him.
Isaiah 64:1-4 ESV

Don’t underestimate what our King can do my friends. Don’t pray small prayers. Ask for mountains to melt and for the least likely of people to be brought into passionate relationship with their creator. For whole cultures to be transformed. Our God loves to show himself, particularly when it’s through the lives of his people. God moves, therefore we move. Join us.


– If you’re in the Fargo-Moorhead area and are interested in hearing more about what is going on, feel free to shoot me an email at
– Want to know more about Verge? Check out their website and facebook.
– Join us in praying for the kingdom of God, here in the FM area, in your city, and across the globe.

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