A Question You Need To Ask Yourself

April 7, 2010

“What makes me think I’m a Christian?”

Ever asked yourself that question? If you call yourself a Christian, you really should. If you agree with what the Bible says about what comes after death, then it’s probably one of the most important questions to force your mind to work over.

It breaks my heart on a regular basis to know that there are thousands of people who attend churches, live their lives, and die assuming that they have been justified before God and will be saved, only to be counted among those people who will be horrified as the Lord declares, “Away from me, I never knew you.” And to be honest, it’s something that I worry about for myself… what makes me sure that I have been saved? There can be nothing worse than coming before that throne thinking that you will be brought into heaven, only to be cast into the outer darkness. Yet the majority of people who would call themselves Christians have never given a second thought to whether they truly are what they think they are.

So, what makes you think you’re a Christian? If you can’t give an answer to that question, don’t let yourself go on assuming you are one. That’s as stupid as a pilot taking off on a cross-continental flight just assuming the plane has the fuel it will need.

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