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27 things I’m thankful for

November 25, 2015

I turned 27 last Friday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so it seemed very appropriate to continue a tradition that I started a couple years ago of writing out down some of the things I’ve been particularly thankful for in the past year or so. This list is in no particular order, but each one of the things on it is something that I genuinely, frequently praise God for.

  1. Kelly. I love having a wife who I can work hard and have a ton of fun with. After three years of marriage I’m even more confident that she’s beautiful and awesome.
  2. Community. My extroverted self loves the fact that I’m surrounded by a rich community of people who support, love, and serve each other.
  3. Airplanes. This past January Kelly and I, along with another couple, got to jet across the world to spend a month in Sri Lanka and India. Without airplanes that trip wouldn’t have been possible.
  4. Health. On that trip I got sick with Dengue fever. It could have been real bad, but God answered people’s prayers and has healed me and kept me in full health.
  5. Technology that allows for instant communication. It’s so crucial for our ministry in Verge and my day to day work, not to mention keeping up with friends scattered across the country.
  6. A flexible job. I’m so blessed by my manager and my position at arvato and the fact that they work with my ministry schedule and allow me to be one of the very few part time employees.
  7. Our supporters. Working part time wouldn’t make ends meet for Kelly and I. I’m awed by the generosity of those who support us in prayer and finance and enable us to do ministry.
  8. Family that supports us, financially and otherwise. Both Kelly and I are blessed with families that love Jesus and encourage us often.
  9. Salem Evangelical Free Church. Pastors and staff who have a true heart for the kingdom of God have helped sustain me through difficult moments in ministry. Thanks to each of you for your wisdom.
  10. A great team. Lance, Blake, Andy, Jenn, and Vanessa – I’m thankful for each of you and the role you play in Verge. Thanks for letting me be a part of the team.
  11. New Music. There’s not much better than discovering a new song that catches your heart. Particularly ones that lay out a new revelation of God’s character.
  12. Threshingfloor’s leaders. Nate, Erik, Paul, Liz, Luke – without you guys this wouldn’t happen.
  13. Food from other cultures. American food is kind of boring.
  14. Books. If you know me at all you know this one is a given.
  15. Brandon Sanderson. Speaking of books, this guy is one of the best fantasy writers out there.
  16. Writing. Along with loving books, I love being able to write. Someday I’ll finish a novel and maybe catch up to Brandon Sanderson.
  17. The patience of God. I mean really, He’s patiently walked with me through 27 years of foolishness. So grateful.
  18. Humble people. It’s incredibly refreshing to minister to and serve people who are humble enough to learn. I want to be more like them.
  19. That this life is not the end. There’s a whole eternity in front of us! All the suffering, pain, and trouble that’s here won’t carry over.
  20. Getting started. After 27 years of life, I’m just getting started. God’s got a ton more for me to see, learn, and do. I love knowing that there’s greater things yet to come.
  21. Jesus who loves people. I’m thankful for a savior who actually has affection for the people of this world.
  22. People who love Jesus. They’re the best. There’s something about Jesus people that is so rich and peaceful and welcoming.
  23. Soccer. Because it’s the best sport ever.
  24. God being in charge. Not ISIS, not the UN, not Obama. God’s the one who’s in charge and directing the course of history. That means I don’t have to worry.
  25. Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. This thrift store is dangerously close to our apartment, but it’s supplied us with some excellent home furniture and plenty of great books.
  26. Getting to lead. What an honor! I’m hugely thankful for the opportunity to get to lead people further into Christ.
  27. You. You read this list of 27 things that some random guy is thankful for. You’re awesome. Thanks for reading!

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